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At Synera we offer a full range of Synthetic Landscape Products that have been hand picked by our team of experts. These products are all of the highest quality giving you the confidence to provide your customers with the assurance they need.

We worked hard to develop a team that have the passion perseverance to deliver quality. Our Team have a wide range of skills that help us to offer you a services no other company offer.

The main service we offer is our online ordering system that allows you to know where and when your products will arrive. We want to help cut out the time you waist with ordering your products and relying on someone in an office to get your order write. We have eliminated those problems with our electronic ordering system that allows you to order your synthetic products at the touch of a button.

The Synera team will also deliver your products directly to your warehouse or site. We warehouse all our products in each state offering you the convenience of products at your door within 24 hours from ordering.

We know our online system, quality products and reliable service will make your job easier, faster and cheaper to deliver to your client.

Our Team

Christopher Jacques

Jenna Jacques
Operations Manager

Jill McFarlane
Processing Manager

Empowering Contractors and Agents

to assure its covered.


 Delivering quality Synthetic Landscape Products Australia Wide. You will wonder what you ever did without us.


 We make sure your delivery is on time every time. We make sure you have no down time.


 We guarantee all our products with some of the highest warranties available in Australia. You can rely on our support.

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